Finding Love in a Non-“Love Marriage”

A bride, wedding bouquet in hand, stands next to her husband as they exchange vows. (Best Picko/Creative Commons)
A survey conducted in May of 2013 shows “Love” as the most voted-for reason to get married by the general public. (Pew Research Center)
Huda Al-Marashi and “childhood sweetheart” Hadi share a moment outside on their wedding day in 1997. (New York Post)
Women and men express interest in online matrimonial sites and portals across various cities in India, where an estimated 95% of marriages are arranged. (Wmmatrimonial)
The pragmatic approach to relationships characteristic of arranged marriages is often cited by psychologists as the reason for their low divorce rates. (Paula Susarte Dealbert/SlideShare)
Unchained At Last founder and executive director Fraidy Reiss speaks out against forced and child marriage before press at the Massachusetts State House. (UnchainedAtLast)
Left: A bride wears a white veil and candid smile as she is captured in a shot on her wedding day. (Matt Sarah/Creative Commons) Right: A bride and several wedding guests laugh while watching events unfold on the bridal stage. (TK TEO/Creative Commons)



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Irene Chen

Irene Chen


Earth tone enthusiast, undecided on the age-old savory vs. sweet food debate.